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This Dirty Plate

“What is this?”  As I opened the trunk to retrieve the diaper bag, I encountered a plate.  A dirty plate. And it wasn’t even our plate! “Oh, Axel,” I sighed. Then just last week Axel pulled a plastic bag out of his backpack.  “Look! It’s another plate from work,” he said proudly. Again it had … Read More »


“You better get writing your blog post,” Nellie texted. Joanie was next. “Another day off!?” Alissa chimed in. “A snow day for you! I have faith in my district this time too!” After the fated phone call, in which the unidentified voice that I would now recognize anywhere called and said, “Hello colleagues,” I did … Read More »

The Polar Vortex...Continues?

“You’ll probably actually have to work most of this week,” Thom texted me on Tuesday. “Most?” I responded. “Do you mean most, like my four normal days? Or do you mean most of my four days?” I didn’t try to hide the excitement in my words. Since my last post, I had been alerted to … Read More »

Once Upon a Polar Vortex

“Are you going to write about this?” Axel asked me as I sat on the floor as Little L played with her “zoom-zooms” and the microwave clock counted down the minutes until nap time.  “I wasn’t planning on it.”  “You should,” Axel insisted. “Your readers will want to know.” Monday morning: While working out in … Read More »

On Your Left... Right?

“On your left!” a voice rang out from behind as we were crossing the wooden bridge that connects Nicollet Island to St. Anthony Main. I quickly steered Little L’s stroller as close as I could get to the bridge support to the left of us— That’s right. Well, no, that’s left. I went left. Four … Read More »

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