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Woof-Woof, Where are you?

This morning Little L and I saw her***! At least we thought we did. We saw a shadow near the door right before the lights went out.  Was it Woof-Woof? Or a new sofa? Now that the leaves have fallen, we can see the house across the way. Aren’t they pretty much asking us to … Read More »

Welcome to Costco

“What? YOU went to Costco??!?” Ana texted me back. Which made me realize that I haven’t yet outed myself as a megastore shopper. Yup, for all of my talk of minimalism, I’ve been walking around with a CostCo card in my wallet for the past ten months. It all started because my brother David and … Read More »

Would the Real Oso Please Stand Up?

Everyone says, have a back-up lovey. What’s a “lovey,” you ask? It’s the new-fangled parenting lingo for a stuffed animal or other item that is particularly special to your kiddo. It could be Baby Fox, a dirty pink blanket, or in Little L’s case, a polar bear named Oso.  On Little L’s first day at … Read More »

Be Good-at-Parent-Friends

“Should I have gotten their number?” my friend Thom asked me as we walked away from a morning story hour. “The kids seemed to play really well together.” “Let’s go back!” I encouraged.  “Nah. That’s okay. Maybe I’ll see them again.”  “Are you sure?” I asked. “Did I tell you what happened to me? I … Read More »

Be Good-at-Organizers

Axel grabbed onto my backpack as I fumbled with my purse organizer. There was someone waiting behind us, and I had to pull the organizer out of the backpack, then open the organizer, then open my wallet, and take out and insert my ATM card. As soon as I was done with the card, I’d … Read More »

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