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Be Good-at-Parent-Friends

“Should I have gotten their number?” my friend Thom asked me as we walked away from a morning story hour. “The kids seemed to play really well together.” “Let’s go back!” I encouraged.  “Nah. That’s okay. Maybe I’ll see them again.”  “Are you sure?” I asked. “Did I tell you what happened to me? I … Read More »

Be Good-at-Organizers

Axel grabbed onto my backpack as I fumbled with my purse organizer. There was someone waiting behind us, and I had to pull the organizer out of the backpack, then open the organizer, then open my wallet, and take out and insert my ATM card. As soon as I was done with the card, I’d … Read More »


List of what I forgot on a trip to my Aunt Nan’s cabin in Northern Wisconsin: Computer charger. Apparently my forgetfulness was also an affront to Axel, who planned to use my computer for more than I did (writing this blog post and streaming a couple Lynx games) Fitbit charger. Some of you may know … Read More »


“There’s no water in it!” Axel said as we approached the park, having dropped off our knives to be sharpened at the Farmer’s Market, much too his excitement. Our knives and my tweezers, which to Axel’s surprise, the knife guy had been more than willing to sharpen. “What? No water? Yeah, right,” I said. I … Read More »

Thank you, Moms

I have applied to only one writing contest since Little L was born nearly two years ago now. Applying and getting rejected from random contests used to be a favorite pasttime of mine.  The one contest that I applied to was something I found in Parents Magazine, a magazine that mysteriously began appearing at my … Read More »

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