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“There’s no water in it!” Axel said as we approached the park, having dropped off our knives to be sharpened at the Farmer’s Market, much too his excitement. Our knives and my tweezers, which to Axel’s surprise, the knife guy had been more than willing to sharpen. “What? No water? Yeah, right,” I said. I … Read More »

Thank you, Moms

I have applied to only one writing contest since Little L was born nearly two years ago now. Applying and getting rejected from random contests used to be a favorite pasttime of mine.  The one contest that I applied to was something I found in Parents Magazine, a magazine that mysteriously began appearing at my … Read More »

Spring Breaking Point

The night before Axel, Little L and I were to leave for California, Axel and I talked through how the grand voyage would go. This would be our third plane trip with Little L, but it had been about nine months since the last time we flew.  My first point of business: coffee.  “No. Definitely … Read More »


On Christmas Eve, my brother presented Little L a homemade holiday card in lieu of a gift. Scrawled in black sharpie, it said, “I know one day when you’re older and able to read, you won’t have this card because Carissa will recycle it tonight.” That wasn’t exactly true – it took me a few weeks … Read More »

This Dirty Plate

“What is this?”  As I opened the trunk to retrieve the diaper bag, I encountered a plate.  A dirty plate. And it wasn’t even our plate! “Oh, Axel,” I sighed. Then just last week Axel pulled a plastic bag out of his backpack.  “Look! It’s another plate from work,” he said proudly. Again it had … Read More »

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