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Be Good-at-Deliveries

The call box rang. “It’s Craig with Instacart,” he said. “Oh, thanks! You can just leave it right there. We’ll come get it soon.” Usually they don’t even call. They just text that they dropped it off — a bonus of Instacart for us introverts. Thank goodness for Insta, as I like to call it. … Read More »

Thanks for the chore?

Arriving home, my husband and I checked the package room. Little L sure likes buying items on Amazon, so we’ve received a lot of packages lately. Today, we had one from Amazon, and one from Walmart. Since we hadn’t ordered anything from Walmart, we assumed someone had sent Little L a gift. It wasn’t addressed … Read More »

Be Good-at-Backups

I wouldn’t want to advise you to be bad at backing things up. But I was. Kind of. This is a public service announcement – back your stuff up. Last week I left Little L’s side, where I’d been snapping some photos, and walked towards the bathroom – checking my emails at the same time. … Read More »

Be Good-at-the-Unexpected

A week and a half ago, having arrived from a trip to California eight hours earlier, I woke up, pulled some clothes out of my suitcase, put on my swimsuit, and threw a dress on over it. I was headed to a routine check-up, and afterwards, I’d be picking up my friend to go together … Read More »

Good at Life, Defined

“So a person can be good at video editing but bad at life?” I asked. “Definitely,” Axel responded. Who knows how the topic of video editing came up. “But would being good at life necessarily mean that you’re good at video editing?” I asked. Axel is always telling me I’m “good at life,” and I … Read More »

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