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Be Good-at-Breakfast

On my last day of work for the school year, my principal provided breakfast.  “Do you want some Naked Juice?” I asked my friend. Axel and I really like Naked Juice – it’s tasty and healthy! But its price is neither tasty nor healthy. “I don’t really like it,” my friend responded. “But it’s expensive!” … Read More »

Found...and Lost?

Little L didn’t say anything or even seem to notice. A “nanana” or “ohhhhh” would have been helpful in this situation, but she was busy looking for dogs or trees or airplanes. It looked like her jean jacket laying on the corner, wet from the overnight rain. And then I remembered that her grandparents had … Read More »

Sunday Morning Scandal

“Woah! Pizza!” Axel said, spotting a Pizza Luce box in the lobby as we headed out for our 7:15AM walk with Little L. He carefully opened the lid – half an uneaten pizza!  Since it wasn’t vegetarian, we didn’t have to decide how gross it would be to take a piece. When we returned an hour later … Read More »

A Tale of 5 Bananas

I reached into the grocery bag and pulled out a plastic container of … muffins?  That’s odd, I thought.  I hadn’t ordered any muffins, but maybe Axel had added them onto the Instacart order. One of the benefits of Instacart is that you can do collaborative shopping, so sometimes there are surprises in the bag.  … Read More »

Dealership Deals

On a sunny St. Patrick’s Day, my father-in-law arrived at our condo having brought us a few bags of supplies from Trader Joe’s and ready to take our keys and car to the Honda dealer as requested. He had kindly asked if I had any errands for him to run and I had come up … Read More »

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