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Be Good-at-Backups

I wouldn’t want to advise you to be bad at backing things up. But I was. Kind of. This is a public service announcement – back your stuff up. Last week I left Little L’s side, where I’d been snapping some photos, and walked towards the bathroom – checking my emails at the same time. … Read More »

Be Good-at-the-Unexpected

A week and a half ago, having arrived from a trip to California eight hours earlier, I woke up, pulled some clothes out of my suitcase, put on my swimsuit, and threw a dress on over it. I was headed to a routine check-up, and afterwards, I’d be picking up my friend to go together … Read More »

Good at Life, Defined

“So a person can be good at video editing but bad at life?” I asked. “Definitely,” Axel responded. Who knows how the topic of video editing came up. “But would being good at life necessarily mean that you’re good at video editing?” I asked. Axel is always telling me I’m “good at life,” and I … Read More »

Be Good-at-Boredom

No, no, no. I’m not bored by summer vacation. I see how you might jump to conclusions when I follow “Summer Vacation!” with “Be Good-at-Boredom.” That would be ridiculous. “We’re going to practice the ancient art of mindful waiting,” the meditation instructor said. Not only were we going to practice it right now in the meditation hall … Read More »

Summer Vacation!

I hesitate to write this post, because we’re not all teachers or students. For those of you who are, I really hope you are on summer vacation by now. Today is my first day of summer freedom. For those of you who aren’t on summer break, I’m sorry. You might want to stop reading. Or … Read More »

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