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Dealership Deals

On a sunny St. Patrick’s Day, my father-in-law arrived at our condo having brought us a few bags of supplies from Trader Joe’s and ready to take our keys and car to the Honda dealer as requested. He had kindly asked if I had any errands for him to run and I had come up … Read More »

No-Name Coffee

Just this past week, I had a babysitter for Little L so that I could go to an acupuncture appointment. In fact, I had a babysitter for four hours, and no one leaves needles in that long! First on my list was getting two pairs of glasses adjusted at Warby Parker. Glasses adjustments, jewelry cleaning, … Read More »

Lounging Around

My classroom is right next door to the staff lounge.  This comes in handy in the following situations:  Putting  a cup of instant coffee in the microwave, going back to my room to change from my winter boots to my school shoes, and returning to retrieve it. Same as #1 but with tea and checking … Read More »

Look at me!

On Super Bowl Sunday I showered and ventured out – as far as I would likely go for the rest of the day. I was headed to the recycling bins in the parking garage. If it had been trash, I wouldn’t have had to go further than the trash shoot down the hall. But alas. … Read More »

Make Your Own Rules

One day this fall, Axel, Little L and I were walking through the park to discover it was closed for an event— Or was it?  You had to admire the ingenuity of the folks who put the sign up. Some people probably stayed away from their game of frisbee just because they said so.  Maybe. … Read More »

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