Summer Vacation!

I hesitate to write this post, because we’re not all teachers or students.

For those of you who are, I really hope you are on summer vacation by now. Today is my first day of summer freedom.

For those of you who aren’t on summer break, I’m sorry. You might want to stop reading. Or get a new career that operates on a school-year schedule.

But it’s not just teachers, students, and parents who are keeping track of the school year. Every May and June, most of my friends, regardless of their connection or lack thereof to the school system, ask me, “How many days left? Are you counting? When does school end?”

They seem to be genuinely excited for me!

Either that or they’re really good at faking it.

The school year is a rhythm that we are used to, having most likely grown up on this schedule. So even if summer doesn’t mean vacation for you, maybe it means something else. Short work days on Friday? Weekend bike rides? Staying up later than usual?

To all the teachers out there, congrats.

You now have no excuse not to read my posts.

School’s out. Happy summer, whatever that means to you.

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