Be Good-at-the-Unexpected

A week and a half ago, having arrived from a trip to California eight hours earlier, I woke up, pulled some clothes out of my suitcase, put on my swimsuit, and threw a dress on over it.

I was headed to a routine check-up, and afterwards, I’d be picking up my friend to go together to the Webber Pool, a place I’d tried and approved on my first day of summer vacation a couple weeks back.

Swimming, after all, was one thing I chose as a summer focus.

I didn’t make it swimming that day. I didn’t even make it home from the doctor’s appointment. An initial elevated blood pressure led to five days in the hospital. On Sunday evening the doctors told my husband and me that it was time to have our baby.

I looked at Axel. “Let’s have a baby!” He nodded.

It was time!

By then I had procured some normal clothes and was no longer wearing my swimsuit as I had been for the first day. I hadn’t been able to locate a pool at the hospital, strangely enough.

Welcome to the world, Little L! A bit sooner than expected.

We are so glad you’re here.

I had been planning to write a post called “Be Good-at-Expectations” where I would let you all know that after the baby came, I’d probably be reducing my amount of blog posts. Just so you’re not too disappointed.

I didn’t have time to write that post quite yet, because I just dozed off midway through that last sentence.

But no worries. Little L is here, and as soon as I have the time and energy, I’ll keep you posted on our adventures!