Thanks for the chore?

Arriving home, my husband and I checked the package room.

Little L sure likes buying items on Amazon, so we’ve received a lot of packages lately.

Today, we had one from Amazon, and one from Walmart.

Since we hadn’t ordered anything from Walmart, we assumed someone had sent Little L a gift.

It wasn’t addressed to Little L; it was addressed to Axel. That makes sense. Little L probably wasn’t going to write her own thank you notes.

Thank goodness it wasn’t my name on the package.

Inside, Axel opened the box. It did have his name on it after all.

This is what he found.

Is this a paint brush?
Is this a paint brush?

Was there a gift note?


Who was this from? How did it arrive here? Why did it have Axel’s name on it?

Who sent Axel this lash and brow wand?
Who sent Axel this lash and brow wand?

More importantly, Axel hadn’t been charged by Walmart for his new makeup brush, had he? Did Walmart have his credit card info and was just selling him whatever they felt like?

Would we need to send the brush back? How would we get rid of it?

All of these things are yet to be determined. In the meantime, we thank Walmart for the chore and the mystery.