Be Good-at-Fun

This post could have also been titled “Be Good-at-Sports” or “Be a Good Sport.”

On October 4, the Minnesota Lynx won their fourth championship in seven years.

Thanks to Axel’s insistence, we were there to see it.

When the Lynx pulled off a win in Game 4, Axel asked if we should get tickets for the Wednesday night home game that would determine this year’s champion.

I had been at Game 5 last year with our friends Jon and Dana; Axel had been out of town. This was a rematch against the LA Sparks, and Axel was here this time.

He wanted to see them win.

I was on the fence. I love my Lynx, but my main concern was sleep.

In order to maximize my time sleeping, I head to bed around 8PM every night. I had been staying up for the Lynx games – one even started at 8PM! – but from the comfort of my own home, I was in my PJs with my teeth brushed, ready to hop in bed the second the last buzzer rang.

Going to the game would be at least an hour game-to-bed-clock differential.

“So what are the factors we should consider?” I asked Axel the next morning on a walk. We rattled off the obvious ones – the price of the tickets, jeopardizing sleep, leaving Little L to watch her Lynx without us.

“And fun,” Axel added.


We love Little L, and yet fun isn’t always the word that comes to mind when you’re washing bottles, emptying the diaper pail, and frantically scrambling to finish your half-eaten bowl of mushy cereal at 11AM.

Had we been having enough fun?

“Plus we haven’t been on a date since she came home.”

On the evening of Game 5, my brother and his girlfriend generously came over to take care of Little L, promising to watch part of the game with her.

You know, without exposing her to any screens of course.

We went out to a quick dinner, just the two of us. Getting off the bus a few blocks from William’s Arena, we walked the last of it.

Red leaves were beginning to appear on the trees. College students scurried home from class in colorful scarves. Fall was in the air, and we had made it out the door to witness it!

The stadium was hopping. We found our seats. I could see the TV commentators on the floor not that far from us (because Axel had convinced me that if we were going, we might as well spring for good seats).

I was getting texts from our parents – everyone seemed to be keeping a close eye on the game. Jon and Dana, who had opted to watch from home this year, sent us a photo of us on TV!

At halftime, we snapped a selfie with my cousin and uncle, who happened to be just a few sections over.

This was fun!

And then the Lynx won, making it even more fun.

Prowl gets a lot of use out of that sign.

Not only are they talented athletes, they are hard-working, resilient, kind and generous, and they stand up for what they believe in. They constantly seek to improve. They speak well of each other and their coach, Cheryl Reeve, who although she didn’t throw her suit jacket on the floor like last year’s Game 5, is one of my favorite Lynx.

Little L had fun with her uncle and auntie, and we had fun at the game.

It only took me  a week to recover from the lost sleep, I mean fun.

Just kidding. Kind of. Good thing championships only happen once a year.

It’s back to the 8PM bedtime for me – for now.

Thanks, Axel, for the fun date.

Go Lynx!