Be Good-at-Thanks

I don’t often go the corny route (I like to tell myself), but given the day, there are a few things I want say I’m grateful for. 

These past few months have been both wonderful and trying. Turns out all those parents who said having a baby was hard weren’t exaggerating! Especially given Little L’s early arrival, we have relied upon the kindness of our loved ones more than ever to keep all three of us fed and in good spirits. 

I’m Grateful For (in no particular order): 

  • Food, food, food – thank you for the casseroles, vegan scones, burritos, pasta salads, takeout, gift cards, etc. We would be hungry had you not fed us.
  • Hand-me-arounds – thank you for all of the clothes and contraptions that have come our way. We’ll return them or pass them along when we’re done (does anyone want an Arm’s Reach Cosleeper? If so, let me know!).
  • Texts, calls, emails, and visits – You texted and checked in. You walked over. You drove from California. You took the train. You stayed away because it wasn’t a good time and sent your love instead. It’s so nice to feel connected during what can be an isolating time (it’s been almost 24 hours since I’ve exited my apartment…). Thank you.
  • Babysitters – ‘nuff said.
  • Cleaning – I’ve asked family and friends to clean my bathroom, vacuum, change my sheets and prepare their own meals when they visited. You didn’t even let me see if you rolled your eyes when I inundated you with The Rules.
  • Errands – picking up Little L’s rocker from Des Moines, picking up conditioner at Trader Joe’s and orders from Target. Thank you.
  • Axel – thanks for still laughing with and at me even when I’m crying for no apparent reason (unless you consider being vomited on by an infant a good reason. Is it?)
  • Little L – thanks for not demanding more than one bath a week. It’s all we can muster. And for being so fun and cute. Uh-ggggg! (You know what that means even if I don’t).
  • Kindness of doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospital and clinics. One nurse gave me a two-week supply of bandaids to take with me because I told her I wouldn’t have time to go to the store.
  • Instacart – speaking of not having time to go to the store.
  • Video games – Just kidding. Not thankful for these. Except maybe Mario Kart and PokemonGo.
  • Advice – Thanks for answering my texts and emails about feedings, naps, and going back to work. Etc, etc, etc.
  • Freezer storage space – Thank you!
  • Many more good deeds and kindness not listed here – so much love.
  • Whoever you are that signed up for my blog last week – woohoo! It’s always nice to get a new reader. Thanks to all my readers!
  • Everyone who says, “I was going to buy Little L something but I didn’t because I know you don’t like so much stuff.” 

California fam, miss you like heck this weekend. Hope those brussel sprouts are good.

Happy Thanksgiving.