Be Bad-at-Cleaning

This fall we were so happy to host Ned and Charlotte as guests. Being overwhelmed with even the simplest tasks, we were unable to do the half-acceptable bathroom clean that we would usually do before a visit. We were, however, able to procure them clean sheets, which felt like a small win.

I apologized to them and they took it in stride. I felt especially bad because they had scrubbed their bathtub last time we had visited.

Which reminds me – thank goodness we have two bathrooms. Except that when Meghan and Cameron visited, the shower in the guest bathroom was clogged. We were forced to open our shower to them.

They may not ever want to visit again

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t clean the bathroom,” I told Charlotte.

That’s ok, she said, I was planning to do a quick clean before I left.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

She was.

Was I insulted? No.

Was I thrilled? Definitely.

I knew I should tell her no. What kind of host offers a dirty bathroom and then lets their guest clean it before leaving?

“That would be amazing,” I said, and showed her where the broom is kept.

Don’t worry readers. I stopped short of mentioning that my bathroom could use a cleaning.

But if she had offered, who knows what would have happened.