Make Your Own Rules

One day this fall, Axel, Little L and I were walking through the park to discover it was closed for an event—

Or was it? 

hand-made sign
This sign looks official, doesn’t it?

You had to admire the ingenuity of the folks who put the sign up. Some people probably stayed away from their game of frisbee just because they said so. 


Then in South Minneapolis, looking for parking, we spotted this. 

They don’t want you parking here.

And as we parked the car, we actually tried not to block the walkway. 

“Who are these people to make their own signs?” I wondered, somewhat indignantly.

And then I remembered that on the day Axel and I got married, my friend Hermione, who was key in planning the event, insisted that we have a parking meter reserved for us near the ceremony site. The Parks Board people told her they couldn’t do that. 

So she did it herself. With a handmade sign and some balloons, she reserved a meter for us, and it worked. 

Maybe there’s something to this. 

I’m thinking of all the signs I could make in my everyday life. 

“Not a shelf,” obviously.

“Don’t touch the baby until you wash your hands.” (I actually saw a printed version of something like this attached to a carseat!)

“Lights out at 8PM.” Sorry, Axel, but I need my sleep.

But maybe I’ll take it a step further. Maybe my signs should be similar to the signs I have posted in my classroom. 

You’re taking a break? There is a printout of what it should look like, sound like, and feel like at the break desk: feet on the floor, head down, silent, calm.

If applied to lights out at 8PM: 

Looks like: People sleeping in bed, darkness. Sounds like: Relaxed breathing, maybe snoring. No talking. Feels like: Restful end to the day.

Need a place to park? A private venue for a party?

Post your own rules. You never know, people just might follow them.