Lounging Around

My classroom is right next door to the staff lounge. 

This comes in handy in the following situations: 

  1. Putting  a cup of instant coffee in the microwave, going back to my room to change from my winter boots to my school shoes, and returning to retrieve it.
  2. Same as #1 but with tea and checking my email.
  3. When there are potlucks or a random box of Triscuits in the staff lounge, it is easy for me to return for seconds – or thirds – later in the day.

Valentine’s Week, there was plenty of food in the staff lounge thanks to the generosity of families and staff. I made my way over to have seconds on salad and thirds on brownie bites. 

Two unopened bags of M&Ms sat on the table. I resisted.

But that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the M&Ms. The next morning when I put my instant coffee in the microwave and hit the number “2,” I checked. 

They were still there.

When I went in later to retrieve my lunch, I walked over to the table where they had been sitting.

I saw a pink triangle of plastic – The M&Ms were gone! And they had left the remnants to tease me. 

“Oh no!” I exclaimed, loud enough that the few staff members checking their phones and eating their lunches introvert-style looked up and asked what was wrong. 

“There were M&Ms,” I explained. “I was really excited—“

And then, on a table in the center of the room, I spotted them.

My breathing returned to normal; my shoulders relaxed. 

I grabbed the bag and poured myself a generous handful and returned to my room.

About ten minutes later, I returned to make a post-lunch decaf instant coffee and grabbed another large handful.

By the time the day was over, I had made quite a few trips over to the lounge. But because the bag had been sitting there all day and someone else had opened it, I was able to tell myself that most likely it wasn’t just me who had polished those pink and red circles of goodness off.

The question remains, though: There were two bags. What happened to the other one? 

Somewhere in the school is someone who was thinking about those M&Ms just as much as I was. Because their classroom isn’t as conveniently located, they must have taken them with them.

Smart move and probably best for my health.

I could have – and would have – eaten another bag easily.