Sunday Morning Scandal

“Woah! Pizza!” Axel said, spotting a Pizza Luce box in the lobby as we headed out for our 7:15AM walk with Little L.

He carefully opened the lid – half an uneaten pizza! 

Since it wasn’t vegetarian, we didn’t have to decide how gross it would be to take a piece.

When we returned an hour later – okay, half an hour; let’s be real – a man got off the elevator and speedwalked towards the pizza. He hesitated just a split second, then he taped a piece of paper to the box and turned back towards the elevators.

He saw us see him. 

“Hey, Axel, let’s check the mail,” I said, so that we wouldn’t be expected to board the elevator with Note Man. We definitely needed to see what was on that piece of paper.

Turns out, he probably didn’t care. He had signed his name to the note!

My question is: did he expend more energy going upstairs, writing the note, coming back downstairs, and taping it to the box than he would have, say, pitching in and throwing the box out himself?

I had considered throwing the box out, but now that the note had been placed, I couldn’t interrupt the social experiment.

Upstairs, I realized my photos hadn’t taken. So I went back downstairs, looked around quickly to make sure I was alone, and snapped these.

Axel asked me the name on the box. I couldn’t remember. 

This time Axel went back down and discovered that the Pizza Lover lives on the same floor as our friends Jon and Dana. 

I texted them immediately to ask if they know Pizza Lover.

“Was he the guy who left that box of pizza downstairs?” Dana responded. “Was there any left?”

You can see why we are friends.

When we went downstairs to get our Instacart order around 11AM, the pizza box was no longer there.

“They should put it in front of his door,” Dana said. “He probably slept through the whole thing.” 

The next day as we were getting on the elevator, the Note Man was getting off. “Hello!” he said with a friendly wave. “How are you today?” 

This is the most he’s ever said to me. 

Perhaps he’s gotten some pushback for his note and he’s trying to up his approval rating? 

Or maybe his friendliness is to call our bluff… I mean, who really needs to check their mail at 8AM on a Sunday?

Either way, it was an exciting day. 

Next Saturday night I’ll set my alarm for midnight and wander downstairs to see if there’s any pizza sitting around.

Fingers crossed it’s veggie!

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