Be Good-at-Finally

When we moved into our condo about five years ago, a small square contraption with two metal pieces sticking out its sides was affixed to the window in the living room. 

“What is that?” new visitors often ask. 

“Maybe it’s a spy-cam,” we joke. “Or a cell signal.” 

We have no idea what it is. Yet we haven’t removed it; we each have our reasons. Axel says it might break the glass to remove it. And it just doesn’t bother me having an unknown electrical device staring at me all day.

And then the other day, Axel was installing Little L-proof locks on the kitchen cabinets. He asked me, “Where’s the hair dryer?” 

If you’ve ever seen my hair, you probably doubt that I own a hair dryer, but you are wrong. I keep one housed in the guest bathroom; sometimes overnight guests want it. This hair dryer has not seen much, if any, action from me in the past five years of residing in this condo.

I assumed that Axel needed it for the cabinet lock set-up. But no. He walked towards the living room window and seconds later presented the mystery contraption, free from its dedicated site on the window.

“What?” I was stunned. It had been an unassuming part of our lives for so long, and now, suddenly, it was the end of an era.

I assume that the instructions on the cabinet locks held the key to the mystery device removal. Sure, I could ask Axel, but I like the intrigue of his sudden decisiveness, much how I liked, or at least didn’t mind, the strange object itself. 

Now, of course, we need to figure out how to dispose of said unknown object. Is it recyclable? Is it toxic waste?

Don’t tell Axel, but i might not get rid of it. I’m thinking of affixing it to something of his – his bike helmet maybe.

Not just because it will provide me with endless amusement. but also because I’m watching out for that hair dryer who really wants to get some use.