Be Good-at-Humor

Little L received her first parking ticket last Friday.

After a tiring week, finding the parking violation made my evening. 

Just because you run out of gas, it doesn’t mean you can desert your car.

Right away I texted Dana and Jon to see if they were the traffic enforcers. They don’t live on our floor of the building, but perhaps they had been up here for humor’s sake?

Who is the mastermind behind Little L’s ticket? Someone who carries Scotch tape with them; that’s who!

“I wish! That’s hilarious!” Jon responded. 

“I wish we could claim that!” Dana chimed in. 

I asked some neighbors on the floor – including a new couple who moved in with a baby – and they weren’t able to claim the joke either.

I was thinking maybe it was Maria, but then she left me a note about the new composting program. The handwriting samples didn’t match. 

What about the note leaver from the Sunday Morning Scandal? They also don’t have reason to be patrolling our floor, but if it was them, at least Little L hadn’t left her half-eaten pizza in the hall that evening.

I’ve stopped asking around, because I kind of like that it’s a mystery.

It’s comforting knowing that there is someone hilarious lurking amongst us.

Better watch where you park your car.