Good-at-Life Tips

Good at Life, Defined

“So a person can be good at video editing but bad at life?” I asked. “Definitely,” Axel responded. Who knows how the topic of video editing came up. “But would being good at life necessarily mean that you’re good at video editing?” I asked. Axel is always telling me I’m “good at life,” and I … Read More »

Be Good-at-Boredom

No, no, no. I’m not bored by summer vacation. I see how you might jump to conclusions when I follow “Summer Vacation!” with “Be Good-at-Boredom.” That would be ridiculous. “We’re going to practice the ancient art of mindful waiting,” the meditation instructor said. Not only were we going to practice it right now in the meditation hall … Read More »

Be Good-at-Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Day was coming. At least that’s what an email from Chipotle told me. BOGO with a school or university staff ID. Starting at 3PM. I learned my lesson last year, when my brother and I stood in line for at least 20 minutes only to receive half-sized portions. Our bad for going at … Read More »

Purge Splurge!

My friend Josh finds that moving every few years helps him avoiding accumulating too much stuff. We’re not moving. But we are installing new carpet in our condo, forcing us to go through 75% of our possessions and reminding us how much stuff we actually have. I think Josh would approve. “How is it possible … Read More »

Be Good-at-Fooling

“Ernie’s downstairs at the callbox!” My husband’s eyes blinked open as I shook his shoulder. His eyes furrowed into a question mark. Their standing early morning meeting was on Mondays. Today was Friday. “APRIL FOOLS’!!!!” I exclaimed, probably a moment or two sooner than I should have. But I could hardly contain myself. I wanted … Read More »

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