Good-at-Life Tips

Be Good-at-Being-a-Poet? (Without knowing it)

Last spring I checked a voicemail left by a caller from an unknown number. To my surprise, it was not someone from my college asking for a donation. “I’m calling regarding your submission to the Talking Stick journal,” a woman’s voice said. “Give me a call back.” If you are a writer, maybe you’ve submitted … Read More »

Be Good-at-Fun

This post could have also been titled “Be Good-at-Sports” or “Be a Good Sport.” On October 4, the Minnesota Lynx won their fourth championship in seven years. Thanks to Axel’s insistence, we were there to see it. When the Lynx pulled off a win in Game 4, Axel asked if we should get tickets for … Read More »

Train Yourself

Megan and Cameron will soon be headed out to Minnesota on the train. Megan’s parents June & Earl will be joining them. “Let me know if you have any advice for the train!” June recently texted. June and Megan took the train cross country about 15 years ago; I guess they want a refresher. Having … Read More »

Good at Life, Defined

“So a person can be good at video editing but bad at life?” I asked. “Definitely,” Axel responded. Who knows how the topic of video editing came up. “But would being good at life necessarily mean that you’re good at video editing?” I asked. Axel is always telling me I’m “good at life,” and I … Read More »

Be Good-at-Boredom

No, no, no. I’m not bored by summer vacation. I see how you might jump to conclusions when I follow “Summer Vacation!” with “Be Good-at-Boredom.” That would be ridiculous. “We’re going to practice the ancient art of mindful waiting,” the meditation instructor said. Not only were we going to practice it right now in the meditation hall … Read More »

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