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Be Good-at-Selling

We wanted to get rid of our shared standing desk. The desk, if you remember, from my husband’s dream of the desk-share. “It just never worked the way I had envisioned it,” he said. “I thought we would sit there working together.” But often I worked at the kitchen counter and he worked in the … Read More »

STOP! No, really.

On three recent occasions, I’ve seen a mini-stop sign on a busy road by my home. The tiny stop sign aims only to stop cars on one side of the street. This mysterious portable sign is placed at the bottom of a small hill where it is difficult for pedestrians to cross. Maybe the point … Read More »

Be Good-at-Phone-Calls

My husband ordered two new pairs of jeans. The blue pair fit. The gray pair, he could barely get past his hips. “There’s something wrong…” I checked the tag as he tried to slither into them. “They’re the wrong size!” I said. My husband exhaled in relief. No one likes to think they don’t fit … Read More »

6 out of 5 Punches

It was a Sunday night at 9:30PM. And I was awake. I barely heard the sound of the front door, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend having arrived home and following all Condo Rules with impressive precision. I was in bed reading and trying to doze off. And then I did something unexpected. This introvert got … Read More »

Too Many Bags!

We were running low on paper grocery bags. So I blatantly ignored the “REMEMBER REUSABLE BAGS” reminder on my phone when I went grocery shopping. But I bought a lot of food. And it all needed to be double-bagged. All eight bags didn’t really fit in the small flat drawer under the oven that we … Read More »

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