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All Together Now!

By Carissa Tobin

FRI MAR 20, 2020

Last month, my writing group met in Northeast Minneapolis. Three of the four of us made it. One of us left late and another left early.

The month before, a different combination of the three of the four of us gathered at a café in South Minneapolis on a snowy night. The drive was a little dicey; we said maybe we should have cancelled.

Speaking of cancelling, some months we do that, because none of us are able to make it, or it ends up being just one person, and she doesn't want to get together with herself (unless it's me and then sometimes I still do).

But last night, all four of us gathered promptly on Google Hangouts. No one had to pay for parking. We were all together. Sure, there were a couple glitches, but we were able to fill in the missing three words missed pretty easily. Some people's kids dropped in to say hi. No dogs, though— maybe next time.

My point is, we were all there, even though we weren't really anywhere at all.

You can no longer use the excuse of prior obligations. So while there are some definite downsides to this situation, at least you know that everybody's available.

"This was great, you guys!" Nellie said as she hopped off the call.

"Maybe we should meet twice next month!" we agreed before all going back to our usual nightly routines.

Small wins.