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Bad Apple

By Carissa Tobin

FRI JUN 12, 2020

The other day, I needed a new tube of chapstick, so I went into my work bag where I was sure I'd left one.

I hadn't used that bright red backpack since March 13, the last day that I'd been at school teaching. I found a Punch Pizza gift card I'd bought for a birthday party that never happened. I found some ibuprofen in a bottle.

And then I found out that I hadn't eaten my snack that last Friday at work.

Almost three months later....
Almost three months later....

Somehow, this apple had not burst forth to create a fruitfly-infested applesauce in my backpack.

It was mushy, yes.

No, I did not eat it.

Into the compost bin it went. I sniffed my backpack. It seemed fine. I stuck my hand in further, hoping that maybe I'd come up with an errant peanut butter cup or something.

Unfortunately, I hadn't forgotten to eat those back in March.

I sure am glad I found that one bad apple when I did. Small wins.