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Chain Letter

By Carissa Tobin

WED APR 29, 2020

Megan rushed into a story. "I got this email about sending recipes..."

I immediately started laughing. But because of the video chat lag, I didn't interrupt as I would have if we were in person. I let her go on.

"It's like chain mail!" she said. She told me who it came from, a family member of hers I barely know.

I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. "I got the same exact one!" I was sure of it, because the one I received was from a friend of Axel's who lives in Portland too. There was no way it wasn't identical.

We both pulled up our emails. We compared notes. The first sentence was slightly altered and then the exact same text.

You can imagine what a kick we got out of it.

"I got it from a friend of Axel's. Well, I know her too - we've hung out when she visits."

"But why did she send it to you? Did he get the email?"

"He hasn't mentioned it. But maybe he just hasn't read it yet?"

Neither of us had sent the chain letter forward. "You have to have 20 friends!" Megan told me.

"Ah, that explains why I got it from Axel's friend. I must have been her 20th!"

"When did you get it?" Megan asked. Turned out I had gotten it about a week before she had. It made its way from Portland, across the country, and back to her, with no help from me.

Since Axel either hadn't yet opened or had just not received the chain letter, we decided that maybe we should both sign him up for the recipe exchange, leading him to get a few hundred recipes within the week.

Although we couldn't hang out together in Portland this week, the fact that Megan and I were different people's 20th friends on the same chain letter recipe exchange makes the distance across the country seem just a little less.

Small wins.