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By Carissa Tobin

MON MAR 30, 2020

As I stood in the bathroom, scrubbing foamed-up soap between my fingers and under my nails, I glimpsed a moth on the bottom of the mirror.

Was it even alive? Its location on the bottom of the mirror made me think maybe it had met its fate long ago and just now fallen from the light fixture above.

Because I still had another "Happy Birthday" to go (wow, I'm aging quickly!), I blew on it to determine if it was indeed the dead moth I was envisioning.

It flew away!

Good news for the moth: it was still flying.

Bad news for me: now there was a live moth loose in the condo.

After I blew out my birthday candles and dried my hands, I looked around.

Aha! There, on the ceiling, was the moth!

I formulated a plan involving a step stool, a piece of paper, and one of Little L's snack containers.

I crawled up there and captured it in the container, covering it with the paper. Axel is an expert bug-catcher, so I have experience. It did not even occur to me that technically the moth is not part of my household, and I should not have been within six feet of it. Whoops.

Opening the door to the balcony, I removed the paper and set it free – only to see it flying back towards the open door!

I dashed inside and closed the door, which luckily, the moth had landed on the outside of.

Two hours later, the moth is still there.

This little thing really wants to come back in! Social distance yourself, Moth!
This little thing really wants to come back in! Social distance yourself, Moth!

"Mama, why do sometimes insects sneak inside?" One of Little L's Questions to Ponder. "Why we put them back outside, Mama? Tell Little L."

I don't have great answers to these questions, but I do feel relieved and accomplished to have returned the moth to its rightful outdoor home.

Small wins.