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When Life Gives You Peas...

By Carissa Tobin

THU APR 02, 2020

When Life Gives you Peas…

This morning I inventoried the groceries from last week. They had been sitting in the fridge long enough that I figured it was safe to start using them.

Two containers of green beans. Two of spinach – much too much spinach. And some fresh peas in a bag.

A slimy smell emanated from them. I guess that's what happens when you wait four days before using your fresh vegetables.

I knew that smell. It was the same odor my lunch had one day last month. A teacher dropped her class off in my Spanish classroom and plugged her nose. “What is that SMELL?” she asked.

I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Looking around, I suggested, “Well, I guess it could be my lunch.” I walked nearer. Yes, the broccoli that had looked slightly wet in the container of rice, broccoli, and garbanzos, was not smelling the freshest. It was possible I had made this batch of lunches the week before.

The kids started plugging their noses too. I threw the lunch out in a wastebasket in the hall. 

Back at home, looking at the peas sitting on the counter, I grabbed the compost container out of the freezer where we keep it for the sole purpose of not creating an overwhelming whiff of composted deliciousness.

“Wait, don’t throw them out!” Axel said. “You can boil them.”

I raised an eyebrow, but I did as he suggested. After rinsing them multiple times, I plopped them in a pot of boiling water and held my nose as they boiled and boiled and boiled.

“Now what?” I asked Axel. I envisioned plugging my nose and shoveling peas in my mouth.

"We could have them in pasta sauce over spaghetti,” he said. Pasta sauce and spaghetti is usually an item on our dinner menu; not our lunch menu. But given the urgent situation at hand, I decided to take him up on his suggestion. 

“Do we have any other veggie you want to put in?” Axel asked. 

“Spinach!” I exclaimed. 

“We’re long on spinach?” Axel frequently uses this saying and it never ceases to amuse me.

“We’re long on spinach and tomatoes,” I admitted. Maybe I had overdone it on those items.

With the spinach and the tomato sauce, you could barely taste the peas. 

Plus I pulled out some chili powder that I plopped on top of my own bowl, making it taste almost delicious.

Easy peasy.

Tomorrow at this time we'll know we're in the clear from consuming those slimy green dots, But I’ll go ahead and say it now (knock on wood!):

Small wins.