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Here Comes the Spring

By Carissa Tobin

THU MAR 31, 2022

Believe it or not, they are predicting a high of 75 here in Minneapolis today. There is no snow on the sidewalks; I definitely didn't almost slip on the way to work because of a thin layer of ice that no one, including me, is willing to shovel anymore.

The sunny weather is just a backdrop for a productive burst of spring energy. In the nearly two years since we've lived here, our house has never been cleaner. The windows sparkle. The stove gets cleaned more than once every two months. I haven't been downsizing Little L's school papers constantly, only to take three bags out to the recycling and have her bring another 98 home the next day.

Let me talk about exercise. It's super easy to get up early these days, because my body feels great getting up in the dark - it's so natural to rise before the sun. I get at least an hour of working out in each morning. And we're talking about breaking a sweat here. High intensity intervals and 80 percent maximum heart rate. Plus lots of weight training. The zipper on my jeans definitely did not pop off last week - that is not a thing that would happen to the likes of me.

I meditate and do yoga daily. I write in my journal and read books about how to better myself, my family, and the world.

The other night, when Axel and I misplaced the remote control to the TV**, we didn't panic. One night without our Friends? It was seriously no big deal.

It's April today.

April first.

But then again, you already knew that.

You're no fool.

**Don't worry! We found it! In Axel's backpack for some reason, about an hour in to the frantic search.