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Let There Be Breeze

By Carissa Tobin

FRI MAY 01, 2020

Air flow is not great in our condo. We don't have that many windows, and even when we open them, the train usually goes by and is so loud that we end up closing them soon after.

But there aren't as many trains right now. And we're really in the mood for fresh air.

On a few occasions, I cracked Little L's window open, but since there's no screen on it, I didn't leave it open that long - especially seeing as how she's lately been worried about there being bees in her room at night.

Why no screen, you ask? When we first moved in, the building said there was going to be a window cleaning, and to please take the screens out of the windows. It was so difficult to maneuver the screen without dropping it out the window onto the train tracks that I ended up just putting it in the storage locker, and there it sat.

Until now.

"We should get the screen out for Little L's room," Axel said.

"But pretty soon it'll be so hot we'll need the air conditioning anyway," I said, being lazy.

But Axel got it from the storage locker, and put it on.

This is where Little L and I do much of our people-watching from.
This is where Little L and I do much of our people-watching from.

And it's amazing! While we're able to get some air in our bedroom window or through the balcony door, because of the angle of the building, it's not a direct hit of wind.

The air coming in Little L's window, on the other hand, comes straight at you! It's like there's a fan up there floating outside the fourth floor of our building, just making wind.

Little L had a great time the other day standing in front of the window letting the air blow her hair all around - all from the comfort of her bedroom window. And no bees.

Of course we're not going to leave it open when she's napping - the trains do still come by occasionally and we don't want to risk an early wake-up. But when she gets up, I open that window up immediately.

What does this have to do with Megan and Cameron? Not a lot... yet. But someday when they can come visit again, they too can enjoy the blast of breeze while we sip coffee and talk about people passing by on the street below.

Small wins.