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New Day, New Sponge

By Carissa Tobin

WED APR 15, 2020

It has been apparent to me for quite awhile that the sponge we’re using to wash the dishes is past its prime.

Yet day after day, as I scrub the breadboard after chopping some apples for lunch or the rice cooker after dinner, I just keep using it anyway.

It may not be pretty... or sanitary... but it gets the job done.
It may not be pretty... or sanitary... but it gets the job done.

Even though I know that in the cabinet, just one childproof safety lock away, we have an extensive supply of sponges.

Last night, as I was scrubbing the pan from the cauliflower-carrot-vegan-sausage stir-fry we’d devoured for dinner, I decided to stop being so lazy.

I dried my hands. I turned around. I unlocked the safety lock. I crouched down. I found a sponge and slipped it out of the already-open package. I locked the cabinet back up and turned back around.

The sponges we get are fun because you have to add water to make them expand. In retrospect, maybe I should have invited Little L to join in the fun, but she and Axel were building a doggie playground out of Duplos at the time.

What a difference a sponge makes.
What a difference a sponge makes.

Now we can wash our dishes with a freshly scent-neutral sponge.

But something just occurred to me. I left the old sponge out to dry overnight; I didn't want to put it in the garbage wet.

And as I write this, Axel is in the kitchen washing the dishes…

I hope he saw it. I hope it made him as happy as it made me. And I definitely hope he used it.

Small wins.