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Second Guess

By Carissa Tobin

THU APR 23, 2020

I went to get gas for the first time in a long time.

It was a stressful experience. I must have picked the wrong station. It seemed like there were people everywhere!

As I watched the numbers increase on the meter, I noticed that there was an "unleaded" handle next to the handle I was using.

Wait, was I getting the wrong gas!?

A car was approaching. A man was about to get out and gas up his own car. I had to get back in the car. I finished up, disinfected, and hopped in my car.

A simple gas pump like this would not have caused this confusion.
A simple gas pump like this would not have caused this confusion.

When I got home, I told Axel.

"There was one called regular... I hope I didn't get the wrong kind of gas."

"Well, as long as you didn't get Diesel we should be fine," he said, laughing.

My face froze.

"You didn't get Diesel, did you?"

"I mean, I doubt it. I don't know!" Why is it that things that should be simple are full of stress these days?

"I could drive back to the station and look," I offered. "I still have on my going-out clothes."

"It said something about 'Blue' on the gas pump," I remembered.

A few minutes later, Axel approached with his computer.

"Which pump were you at?" he asked. "Just point. Don't touch my computer."

I had washed my hands, but still had on the outside clothes.

"The far end," I showed him. He had pulled up a Google Maps photo of the gas station.

"Oh yeah, look, those are Blue Planet gas pumps!" I felt vindicated that I had remembered some detail of the episode.

He zoomed in. "So you weren't at the green one that says "Diesel?'"

I was not. That much I knew.

"Then that should be fine, whichever kind of gas you chose."

I didn't really think I had put Diesel in our Honda Civic, and Axel was able to prove it. That will not be the thing that keeps me up tonight.

Small wins.