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Shoe on a Rock

By Carissa Tobin

WED MAR 25, 2020

For several days as Little L and I strolled down the street, trying to avoid crossing paths with anyone on the sidewalk, we passed this as we turned left at the bottom of the hill:

Looks nice. Do you think it would fit me?
Looks nice. Do you think it would fit me?

"Mama! Why is a shoe there?" Little L asked.

"It's so silly!" I said. "Do you think someone lost it? Do you think someone went home without their shoe?"

On the way home from the river, we would see it there again.

"Why is a shoe still there, Mama? Tell Little L."

But I had no answers.

Then one morning, I went for an early morning run.

The rock was empty.

I couldn't wait to take Little L out to see it.

Yet we had to steer clear of the rock, because there was a person within six feet of it. A person placing things on the rock.

This is a popular rock.
This is a popular rock.

Huh, I thought. Now these boards are going to sit here for days on end.

But the next morning, the boards were gone! Only one day; the shoe was there for nearly a week.

I like to think the shoe found its owner and the boards found a new home.

Small wins.