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Storytime Challenge!

By Carissa Tobin

MON APR 13, 2020

Sitting at home with nothing to do? Or know someone else with spare time on their hands?

Tell your life story! Or ask your aunt to!

Sign up for this FREE special six-week online course starting Friday, April 17!

Get weekly emails with interview questions that you can:

*Answer and send to your family/friends

*Forward to your loved ones to request that they send you their story

Examples of prompts:

*When you imagine your parents, what comes to mind? 

*What do you remember about your childhood? 

*What places were special to you? 

*What kind of person were you in adolescence? (cool kid, band nerd, etc)

*How did having or not having children change your life? 

Complimentary class. Small wins*.

Register here.

Or forward this message to someone you think might be interested.

**Also, small win... counting this as my blog post for the day.