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There's Still Time to Vote - But Listen Up, Minnesotans!

By Carissa Tobin

SAT OCT 31, 2020

This may sound shocking, but five days before election day, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Minnesota absentee ballots arriving by mail after 8PM on election day will be "separated from" the rest of the ballots - going back on a decision allowing a week after the election for the ballots to arrive that had been made because of the current pandemic reality. It's still possible the votes may be counted, but it's also possible they might not be.


If you haven't yet voted, you can either mask up on election day and head out to your local polling place, or you can take your absentee ballot and drop it off at a drop-box location. You can visit this website or just google "ballot dropbox" and the name of your county.

Attention, Minnesotans! Yes, they sent you an
Attention, Minnesotans! Yes, they sent you an "I voted" sticker with your absentee ballot. No, it is possible your vote will not count if you mail it in as instructed.

For some reason, this situation reminds me a lot of an interaction I had with Little L the other day.

We were running out of oatmeal, our go-to breakfast, so I'd made some cornmeal. Cornmeal takes much longer to cook than I'd envisioned, so she was getting a little hangry.

When I finally put a bowl of cornmeal in front of her, I warned, "It's hot. You'll have to wait."

She was whining. She was hungry.

"Do you want some milk on it to cool it down?"

"I won't eat it if you put milk on it!"

"Okay, then you just have to wait."

"No, Mama, put milk on it!"

I poured a little on.

"I won't eat it because it has milk on it! I want plain cornmeal!"

I could see a half-hour into my future, and there was a hangry three-year-old in it.

There was a tiny bit left in the pan. "Well I can give you this little bit here in a separate bowl." ("Separate bowl" is a phrase we hear a lot around here at mealtime, along with "separate spoon.")

She dumped her new cornmeal right into the bowl of tainted cornmeal with milk and stirred.

"I can't eat it, Mama. It has milk on it."

The next day we had oatmeal.

Can you mail in your ballot? Sure! But the time has passed. Don't pour any more milk on your cornmeal - just drop your ballot off at a local dropbox location to avoid any mid-morning tantrums.