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Personal Coaching - Values Session

Values session includes:

  • Two-hour meeting
  • Brainstorm your values through a variety of exercises
  • Define your top five values
  • Determine to what extent you are living your values
  • Create strategies to make decisions based on your values
  • Understand how conflicts and dilemmas may be related to your core values


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Personal Coaching - One Hour Follow-up

A one-hour personal coaching session to focus on living your values, getting organized, and meeting your goals.

This is recommended as a follow-up to a Values Session.

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Myers-Briggs Personal Consultation

Personal consultation includes:

*Two-hour meeting

*Administration of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

*Education on each of the eight preferences of personality according to this theory

*Self-estimated type

* Come up with best-fit type based on instrument results and self-evaluation

*Explanation of your primary and secondary functions

*Explanation of your inferior function and how it affects you under stress

*Strategies for enhancing your life based on your type's strengths and blind spots

***If you would like to do a couple's consultation, please email me via the "contact" page***

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